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Hundreds of former IS fighters fleeing Syria, crossing into Turkey

Hundreds of former Islamic State (IS) fighters are fleeing the group’s territory in Syria and crossing into southern Turkey, a former militant claimed.

A 26-year-old Saudi national who fled Syria in late August told British-based publication the Guardian many former IS members were planning on fleeing the militant group’s territory.

“Most want to leave, like me,” he said. “There are not many who believe that the people they were with were on the right path.”

The Saudi national claimed the extremist group “tricked” people into joining them, and a lot of members began to realize that.

The several dozen IS defectors have gathered in Syria’s Idlib Province, with many planning to cross the Turkish border and find their way back to parts of the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe, the Guardian reported.

Some former fighters have paid smugglers USD 2,000 to help them past border guards on the southern Turkish border, the report added.

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