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Syria, Another Israel’s Failure Facing Axis of Resistance

AhlulBayt News Agency) – With successive victories scored in Syria against the terrorist plots, and Iran and Hezbollah’s growing strength, ‘Israel’ is recording yet another diplomatic failure.
The window of opportunity allowing ‘Israel’ to become part of an Arab axis against Iran and the resistance powers in the regions is rapidly closing.
The resistance axis’ expansion towards abandoned ISIS strongholds in Syria, led some Arab powers to rethink its relations with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
Public reports reveal, for example, Jordanian efforts to reach understandings with the Syrian government, including reopening the main crossings between Jordan and Syria for trade purposes, in addition to renewing the flow of intelligence between the two countries.
This is just one example of the major failure of ‘Israel’ and the US-led Western coalition in Syria.
Now, in light of Iran’s achievements, Hamas leadership in Gaza wishes to join the new leading forces in the Middle East, and consequently has publicly declared its support for al-Assad and the new regional order created by the Russians and Iranians in Syria.
For its part, the Zionist entity never had the requisite tools, primarily diplomatic ones, to try and influence events unfolding in Syria. Having no other choice, it relied on the American-led coalition, which let it down.
Someone waited too long, played with the Saudis, played with the Jordanians, and was convinced the “miracle” of the Syrian war would last.

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