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UN Starts to Deliver Humanitarian Aid to Deir Ezzor by Land

According to the statement of the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) press-service, the international organization stops to deliver humanitarian cargo by the air, as the break of Deir Ezzor siege has allowed to use land transportation.
Let us remind you that on September 15, the joint humanitarian convoy of the UN and International Committee of the Red Cross delivered humanitarian aid to the newly liberated Deir Ezzor. The last time the humanitarian aid was delivered to the city by land in May 2014.  The UN had been delivering humanitarian aid by the airall this time.
The WFP representatives also noticed that the liberation of Deir Ezzor has become a significant step towards stable supply of the basic necessities to the city. The supply of the lunch boxers as well as cooked meals in planned in the near future.
It’s worth noting that since 2016 more than 300 humanitarian cargo have been delivered by the air in Syria. The use of the land transport will allow saving tens of millions of dollars annually to provide humanitarian assistance to more than 200 thousands Syrians.

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