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Restoration of Railway Communication between Damascus and Zabadani Starts

According to the statement of Syrian Minister of Transport, the restoration of railway communication in the capital region is well under way. The workers have already partly repaired railroad between Damascus and Zabadani.
It is worth noting that prior to the outbreak of hostilities Zabadani regarded as one of the flagship resort in Syria. The town was popular due to its favorable location near the Barada River (not far from the Syrian-Lebanese border) and attracted thousands of tourists with its extraordinary mountain scenery and picturesque landscapes.
Before the war, the train between Damascus and Zabadani went once a week.
The main attraction of Zabadani is Nabi Habeel Mosque, where is seven-meter sarcophagus. The local population believes that it is the Abel’s tomb, who was the son of Adam.
The restoration of railroad communication has become possible due to cessation of hostilities and establishment of de-escalation zones. Via such initiatives by the Syrian government and the guarantor states of Syrian ceasefire (Iran, Russia and Turkey) more and more militants laying down weapons and joining nationwide reconciliation plan. For its part, civilians can safely return to their homes, knowing that they are no longer threatened.


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