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Latest form the Ma’dan’s area encircled by the Syrian Army

The area near Ma’dan village is going to become second Aqerbat.
Inside Syria Media Center’s military correspondents report on new victories of the SAA Tiger forces captured Ma’dan village. Tigers also meet army on road south Ma’dan.
People may only congratulate those whose efforts were focused on rescue the Syrian people from a murderous tyranny of ISIS.
Meanwhile, the SAA units have implemented control over most of Khasham village from ISIS. The more so, the Government forces from Eastern Raqqa met with forces coming from Western Deir al-Zour near Ma’dan.
Video of meeting of the forces from Raqqa with the forces from Deir-ez-Zur is available here.
Capturing Ma’dan and clearing the IS pocket to the West of Deir al-Zour, the units linked up will move to the Omar oil fields, so ISIS lives just got put in a vice.

Follow the latest developments by reading Inside Syria Media Center.


For your information
Madan is a city in Syria and in the center of Raqqa Governarate located between the cities of Raqqa and Deir al-Zour, 70 km far from the two cities. Madan is famous for its cultivation. It had a grain storage center, a construction center, a handmade carpet factory, a communications center, an educational complex, a national hospital, a dispensary, a post office and a court a center. Unfortunately most of that were destroyed by ISIS.

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