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ISIS Oil Supply Under a Threat, China to Make First Steps

Syrian Ambassador to China, Imad Mustafa, giving an interview to the Chinese Global Times said that the government of Syria might get full control over all the oil and gas fields in the country by the end of next month.
‘In the past two months, we have recaptured most of the major oil fields and believe that 100 percent of the oil and gas fields will have been under the control of the Government by the end of next month.
The Ambassador also noted the country’s leadership is developing projects now aimed at the post-war reconstruction of Syria. The priority areas include electricity supply restoration, energy sector and housing construction.
At the same time, the Chinese edition, a paper published by the ruling Communist Party, itself asserts some businessmen from China have recently shown increased interest in investment projects between China and Syria, even despite some difficulties connected with doing business in this war-torn country.
Thus, since April 2017, about 30 businessmen from the People’s Republic of China crossed the Syrian-Lebanese border in order to explore the investment possibilities of Syria reports the Global Times, referring to the Association of China-Arab Cooperation based in Beijing. Chinese businessmen, it says, visited Damascus and Homs where they held a series of meetings and negotiations with the regional and central authorities of Syria.
Vice-president of the organization, Jin Yong, clarified that the most interesting investment areas are the foreign trade, food industry, power machinery and construction.

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