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What is the Result of U.S.-led Coalition Actions in Raqqa?

Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid Muallem told the United Nations on Saturday, September 23, that the coalition led by the United States had killed many more civilians than terrorists did over the past three years in Syria.

According to Muallem, the Coalition Air Forces daily damage or destroy civilian objects and infrastructure. These air strikes also lead to a great number of casualties among civilians in Raqqa. He also stressed that the U.S. continued to violate international law through its use of prohibited weapons in populated areas.

This was proved by Human Rights Watch organization. Yesterday, it published a report that strongly criticized the Coalition’s actions in Raqqa and the U.S. intelligence.

The attacks documented in the report include a March 20 airstrike that targeted a school housing displaced people in the suburban town of Mansourah, outside of Tabqa, as well as another strike that hit a packed marketplace in Tabqa City two days later. Investigators from Human Rights Watch visited the sites of both attacks and collected the names of at least 84 civilians who had died in the bombings, including 30 children.


According to Ole Solvang, a deputy emergencies director at Human Rights Watch, the bombings against civilian targets raise serious questions about the U.S. commitment to investigating incidents in which its troops are alleged to have killed innocent civilians. Besides, Solvang said that the Coalition’s actions were seriously hampered by the current success of the Syrian Arab Army.

Such a position is shared by Syrian experts. According to them, the only way for Washington to justify its intervention in the Syrian conflict is to become a ‘liberator’ of the city. Proceeding from this, it is obvious that the reduction in the number of civilian casualties is clearly not on the list of priorities of the U.S. Central Command.

According to Airwars monitoring, more than 1,500 civilians have now credibly been killed since the assault began on June 6th.

The reports of these human rights organizations suggest that the U.S. is guided by not very good intentions to save the civilian population from terrorists. It is obvious that an early settlement of the Syrian crisis will only prevent Washington from pursuing its aggressive foreign policy and creating an image on the blood of civilians of Syria.

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