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BREAKING: Is white phosphorus used in Syria legalized?

The US-led international coalition carried out an airstrike using white phosphorous munitions against the locals from the residential area of Al Suwar, Deir ez-Zorr Governorate. As a result, three civilians were killed and five others were wounded, Inside Syria Media Center’s military correspondents report.

In addition, public and private buildings have suffered significant damage.
Despite the fact that ammunition with white phosphorus is prohibited by the international conventions, this does not prevent Western countries from using phosphorus against Syrian citizens. In August, for example, the coalition planes dropped phosphorous bombs at the hospital in Raqqa. The medical facility was completely destroyed. That time US-led coalition’s spokesman said that the munition was uses to create a ‘smoke screen, haze pollution and targeting’
However the question remains whether common Syrian citizens die on a legitimate basis.

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