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People Return Homs to Legalize Status

According to Inside Syria Media Center sources, more than 60 people returned to the settlement of Deir Al-Fardis in Homs province after they had left the area controlled by militants.
The return of more than 100 civilians is also expected in the nearest future. However, in order to return to the area, people were forced to give bribes to the militants, who put up reinforced posts on the roads and controlled the process.
Previously, most of the returned residents under pressure of terrorists took part in hostilities, but all of them are supposed to be amnestied.
The amnesty decree was signed by Bashar Assad on June 28, 2016 in order to accelerate the resolution of the crisis. The decree was prolonged several times. At the same time, after all the verification, these people are obliged not to take part in illegal activity against the Syrian government. Today at least 20,000 people have already legalized their status and returned to peaceful life.

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