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Syrian Army Successfully Fighting ISIS in Deir Ezzor

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units backed by allied forces continued joined counter terrorists operation in Deir Ezzor province, liberating new territories. For the past weekend the government forces killed at least 30 radicals, destroyed several headquarters of terrorists and four mortars.
For its part, the terrorists make attempts to counterattack SAA with the use of car bombs, however the Syrian servicemen effectively resist such attacks. So, the Syrian troops managed to repulse large-scale attack and destroy 5 mined pickups from a distance in the area of Sarda.
Due to the progress in Deir Ezzor the government forces intensified its efforts in Homs province. On October 1, after massive airstrike of the Syrian aviation the ground troops totally liberated the settlement of Al-Shiha and Rasm Al- Abed in eastern Homs.

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