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Turkey and Iran Uniting Against Independent Kurdistan

On Wednesday, Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived in Tehran on an official visit where he met with the Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani. After the meeting, both leaders held a joint press conference whose main issues were the Syrian crisis and the referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Erdogan called for more “decisive steps” against the Kurdish Regional Government but didn’t specify what kind of actions should be taken. He also once again blamed Israel and its intelligence agency Mossad for supporting the referendum.

Besides, according to Erdogan, Turkey and Iran agreed to “confront” threats of disintegration of Iraq, as well as Syria.

In his turn, Hassan Rouhani said he opposed the creation of an independent Kurdish state but added that Tehran “doesn’t wish to exert pressure” on the Kurdish population who are seen by Iran as “good neighbors and dear brothers”.

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