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Syria: Disappeared Voices by Western Corporate Media

By Mark Taliano
Voices from Syria, disappeared by Western corporate-state media messaging and the on-going apparatus of criminal war propaganda, are increasingly reinforced as Syria’s liberation from NATO terrorism continues.

Now that refugees are flooding back into the country that they love, the truths that contradict the Western lies are laid bare.
Western agencies that continue to propagate the lies – including book publishers – should be boycotted.
The truth that NATO terrorists engage in organ harvesting has now been reinforced by more primary-source evidence.
In 2016, Hossein Noufel, Director-General of Syria’s Coroner’s Office reported that
Body organs of thousands of Syrian civilians have been sold in the international black markets over the past six years.
Permanent Syrian resident Lilly Martin collaborated this evidence in a global Facebook posting. She reported that,
The organ harvesting in Turkey is not limited to selling a part for cash. The majority of organ harvesting in Turkey is done by the terrorists, who are US supported. The terrorists take injured or kidnapped Syrians across the border to Turkey and instead of saving their life with medical care, the injured are shipped back to Syria with an explanation that they died in surgery, and couldn’t be saved. However, they always have clear signs of organ harvesting. In many cases, eyes were removed. This info comes from survivors of the Aleppo battles, who are now in Latakia.
Now, Professor Tim Anderson, recently returned from a trip to Syria, provides more evidence to establish what we already know.

Photo by Prof. Tim Andersond

Anderson describes the photo above as a “small hospital used for organ trafficking by FSA-Nusra. Burned to destroy records and evidence (Source L.H.)”
Whereas the truth leads to peace, engineered lies, such as those propagated by “Bana Inc.” create a foundation for more war and more misery.

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