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The new force “Awakening Movement” is in action in the province of al-Hasaka, Syria

In the province of al-Hasaka, a new fighting group was created called “Qiyam (Awakening) Movement (Arab. حركة القيام)”. The group’s main goal is to fight Kurdish Self-Defense Forces of Rojava cantons, YPG, and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). In their statement, the units of the Qiyam Movement proclaimed «opposition to the separatist imperialist project» which «threatens the future of Syria, the territorial integrity of the country and the Syrian society». The leadership of the Movement and coordination of their actions is carried out probably by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) field commanders.

The group has already conducted several operations from 11 to 14 October 2017. As a result, five YPG-fighters were killed (possibly also they were representatives of the Asayish police force or of the Anti-Terror Forces Command – HAT). The assassination videos and other information about their actions in the rear of the Kurds are published by the “Qiyam Movement” in a specially created Twitter account.
Probably the main reason to form the group is suppression of all the Arab initiatives in the region and the hostile anti-Syrian actions by the Kurds in the province of al-Hasaka and in the others.

The matter is that the Kurdish nationalists protest against unification with the rest of the Syrian society and deliberately exacerbate the Kurds problem. It looks like that the SDF-Kurds have no political idea on unification with the Syrian Government so they are doing their best to nationalize the controlled region, to only enhance the national separatist sensitivities and tendencies, and would not be conducive to the desired cooperation.
At the moment, there is a trend to increase the number of such detachments in the provinces controlled by the Kurds.


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