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State Dept. Recognized RusAF Success in Syria

At a press conference in Geneva, Switzerland, the Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson expressed the U.S. views on RusAF success in the struggle with ISIS terrorists in Syria.
It happened while one of the journalists asked Tillerson of Iran.

“I’ve heard European diplomats describe Syria as a triumph of Iran, because Iran has been so essential for the Assad government. How do you make sure that’s not the case? And did you get any assurances from de Mistura as he – is there a timeline for these negotiations to start?”

In response, the head of the US State Department tried to express his point of view on “the Success in Syria” in general. Rex Tillerson said Russia’s air support was the predominant reason ISIS was turned back in Syria.

“I do not see Syria as a triumph for Iran. I see Iran as a hanger-on. Iran has not particularly been successful in liberating areas. The Russian Government, providing significant air support for Syrian regime forces, have been successful. They’ve had their successes.”

He, besides, once again comment on Assad’s future.

“We do not believe there is a future for the Assad regime, the Assad family.”

However, this statement is controversial to the previous one said in Turkey this summer. He had indicated it was really up to Syrians to decide themselves on this issue.

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