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Israel once Again Attacks Syrian Army

According to Reuters, the Israeli jets carried out another airstrike on Syrian army positions from Lebanese airspace. For its part, the Syrian side launched ground-to-air missiles on Israeli fighters, after which they were forced to turn back.
It is also reported that the Israeli fighter jets attacked at least four positions of the government forces in the area of Damascus and Homs, including warehouses with weapons and ammunition.
The Israeli Defense Ministry refused to comment on the incident and regarding its involvement. At the moment the information on casualties is being clarified.
It should be mentioned that Tel Aviv under pretext of fighting Hezbollah on a regular basis violates the airspace of Syria and carries out airstrikes. Let us remind you that last month the Israeli forces targeted a checkpoint in the south-eastern part of Damascus province. Three Syrian servicemen were badly wounded.
Moreover Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Al-Moualem during a session in the United Nations headquarters in New York accused Israel of supporting terrorists and interfering in the Syrian crisis.

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