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Charity marathon in support of children with cancer takes place in Syria

Tens of young men and women staged a charity marathon on Friday in support of children with cancer.

The marathon participants followed the course from the Sheraton Hotel in al-Umawiyeen Square to the roundabout of al-Muwasat Hospital and al-Rabwa road then back to the Sheraton to engage in artistic and entertainment activities.

The event, which kicked off at 8:00 am, was organized by Basma (smile) voluntary association, an NGO that aims, since its establishment in 2006, at providing psychological and and material support to children with cancer and their families in parallel with medical treatment , in addition to spreading social
awareness about the disease.

According to Manal al-Hafez from the association, the marathon aims at drawing the society’s attention to the children with cancer and their need for material and psychological support, in addition to collecting donations to those children.

Rouhi al-Shalar, one of the organizers, said the participants ran 4 km, with the winner crossing the finish line in 1 minute and 55 seconds

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