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Sappers May Celebrate Victory Over Mines in Deir Ezzor

Today Deir Ezzor City has been declared mine-free. The demining operation lasted approximately two weeks. Displaced civilians will finally be able to return their homes after several years of war.
Syrian sappers divided into several groups so that to check and clear roads, buildings, and hectares of the surrounding terrain. Their work was focused first on clearing the streets that lead to vital city social infrastructure – hospitals, water supply, and electricity facilities. Around 5000 explosive items including homemade and improvised devices were eliminated.
One deminer can clear only approximately 50 square meters per day, but Syrian sappers were forced to clear more than 100 square meters every day. This time factor is also a major cost factor: it makes a big difference if a deminer clears 1 or 100 meters a day. The thing is that mines and unexploded ordnance are not just an issue for Syrian villagers and the deminers working to help them. For every 1,500 landmines cleared, one deminer is reportedly victimized.

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