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U.S. Settlement Process Seems to be a Pretext to Justify its Presence in Syria?

Yesterday the U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said, “We’re not just going to walk away right now until the Geneva Process has traction.”
The reaction of the Syrian Government was not slow in coming. Damascus responded immediately indicating that the U.S. military presence in Syria is a fact of aggression.
“The presence of the US troops or any foreign military contingent in Syria, without the consent of the Syrian government, constitutes an act of aggression, an attack on the country’s sovereignty and a flagrant violation of United Nations principles,” Syria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement. Syrian authorities also demanded the “immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the U.S. forces” from Syrian territory.
It is reported, besides, “Mattis’s comments expose the subversive agenda of the US administration, and its clear collusion with ISIS and other terrorist groups in addition to its constant quest to thwart all the efforts aimed at finding a solution to the current crisis in Syria.”
It seems the United States seeks to inflame tensions in the Middle East region in favor of the Israeli politics and impose its hegemony on regional countries and resources. Thus the U.S. ‘settlement process’ is just a pretext and an attempt to justify their presence.

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