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US-led International Coalition Lets ISIS Terrorists to Flee From Al-Bukamal

According to Al-Manar, the U.S.-led international coalition makes every effort to let ISIS terrorists flee from Al-Bukamal.
It is also reported that ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi and many other high-ranking field commanders have been guaranteed a safe passage by Washington.
So, the coalition hinders the successful advance of the Syrian army and Hezbollah units in the area of Al-Bukamal to let radicals flee to areas held by US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.
Let us remind you, last week, Syrian army and allies announced they had regained control of Al-Bukamal. Since then the allied forces have been combing the city and the surrounding area. However, the US-led coalition has been trying hindering their advance and delaying political settlement of the Syrian crisis.

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