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Erdogan Accuses US-led International Coalition of Sponsoring ISIS in Syria

According to Telesur, Turkey’s president criticized U.S. President Donald Trump by saying, “The administration in the United States has changed but everything remains the same as before.”
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the United States of granting financial aid to members of the Islamic State group, a State Department-listed terrorist organization.
“The United States has disappointed us a lot, saying that it fights ISIS but in reality it gave them a lot of support,” said the head of state at a meeting of the Justice and Development Party, AKP, the ruling party of Turkey.
The Turkish President also expressed disapproval for the U.S. administration’s continuation of support for the Syrian Kurds and their respective military faction, the Syrian Democratic Forces, called the SDF.
U.S. President Donald Trump had apparently promised the Turkish administration that the U.S. would withdrawal support for the Kurds in areas liberated from the Islamic State group.
Turkey, along with Russia and Iran, is guaranteeing the Syrian peace talks in Astana and has recently launched a military operation into Syria’s Idlib Governorate.

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