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General Strategy of Export is a Key Mechanism to Restore Syria

On 20 September 2017, during the meeting of the Economic Policies and Programs Committee chaired by the Syrian Prime Minister, Imad Khamis, the government’s view regarding the export processes was discussed. The executive mechanisms and a key role in supporting the national economy were also on the agenda.

The attention was put on the targeted markets including Russia, the African countries, and the Eurasian Union. The Prime Minister tried to define the exportable products, their revenues and the government’s measures aimed at supporting the export process.

Imad Khamis proposed  Committee activate work of the economic bureaus at those countries expanding circulation process for the Syrian products and studying the situation of the ports, land roads and air shipment.

Khamis underlined the need for the general strategy of export to be a supporter of the national economy and a contributor to the growth process on the national level.

The Head of the Economic Policies and Programs Committee underlined the importance of setting up export centers with advanced specifications.

Investing the economic and diplomatic relations in serving exportation, activating the role of the Commercial Attache and the role of the Syrian embassies in the assessment of the global markets’ needs of the Syrian products was also reviewed.

Syria is going to restore its economy of the country as well as the suitable living conditions for its citizens in general. All the economic measures taken will improve the situation. It will also facilitate a smoother transition to post-conflict developmental and political arrangements. The general strategy of export may become a key mechanism to restore Syria.

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