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Nahr al-Asi River Bed Will Be Cleaned Up

The Directorate of Water Resources in cooperation with the City Council of Hama under the leadership of Hama’s Governor organized work to change Nahr al-Asi riverbed in order to improve the ecological and aesthetic aspects, Inside Syria Media Center Military correspondents report. A project came to an end that had envisaged a complete inspection of the bed of the River.
The Director of Water Resources of Hama said that it may take about a week to implement the project. It is planned that workers will take advantage of drought, remove accumulated sludge from the bottom of the river, and improve aesthetically the adjoining territory.
He also noted that some renewed water from the al-Rastan dam will be added after cleaning and dredging. This will finally clear the river bed and put an end to any source of unpleasant odors emitted during times of drought.

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