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EXCLUSIVE: Al-Tanf Base is Going to be Handed over to Syrian Army

Inside Syria Media Center military correspondents report the White House has appealed to terrorist groups to leave the al-Tanf base in Southeastern Homs near the border with Jordan and deliver it to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) following advances of the pro-government forces in Syria’s Badiyeh (desert) in recent months.

There are rumors spreading to the radicals that the U.S. Forces Command in al-Tanf base has recently declared to all the terrorist groups backed that their mission has ended and they must leave their positions in al-Tanf for other terrorist-held regions in Northern Syria. Chances are that there are only now the two terrorist groups of Aswad al-Sharqiyeh and Kata’eb Ahmad Abdu in Badiyeh that have rejected the U.S. demand for evacuation to Northern Syria and that Moscow and Washington have agreed on ending the U.S. forces’ presence in Eastern Syria.

Relevant reports said on Sunday that the army troops pushed terrorists back from the entire hills between the towns of Hineh and Kafr Hoor in Jabal al-Sheikh region in Southeastern Damascus near the border with Quneitra province.

The army men clashed with terrorists and captured a number of hills, including al-Sawadi, Fajr 1, Fajr 2, al-Namroud and al-Faransi between Hineh and Kafr Hoor.

In the meantime, the army’s artillery and missile units pounded terrorists’ positions in Jabata al-Khashab, inflicting major damage on terrorists’ military hardware.

If that information is confirmed, it will represent a huge step towards the process of establishing peace and stability near Syrian – Jordanian – Iraqi border.


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