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Turkey Intends to Provide Extra-Support to its Syrian Contingent (photos)

Turkey is preparing to provide additional assistance to its troops deployed in Syria within the framework of Turkish occupation of northern Syria. A military logistic convoy of 20 trucks including fuel lorries, bulldozers were dispatched to the town of Kirikhan in Turkey’s Hatay province near Turkish-Syrian border.

The Turkish occupation of northern Syria, also known as the North Aleppo Border Pocket, the Northern Syria Security Belt or the Safe Zone (Turkish: Güvenli Bölge), refers to areas of Syria captured and occupied since August 2016 by the Turkish Armed Forces and Turkish-backed Turkmen and Arab (Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army) forces during the Civil War in Syria. Turkish-occupied Syria consists of a 1,620 square kilometers area which encompasses around 217 settlements, including: al-Bab, Azaz, Dabiq and Jarabulus. This territory had previously been controlled by ISIS, the Syrian opposition and the North Syrian Federation. Since May 2017, the Turkish-occupied territory is consisting one of the four Syrian Safe Zones.
Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed to implement peace process together with Russia and Iran to legitimize the presence of his military.

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