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ISIS Terrorists Threaten Europe

 On Tuesday, The Times published a report, which states that the agreements between ISIS and U.S.-backed units only exacerbated security problems in Europe. In addition, the publication reported that escaped militants were penetrating into continental Europe through Turkey among refugees.
According to Daily Sabah, hundreds of ISIS terrorists are threatening Europe with new acts of terror attacks. Experts believe that the current situation is a direct consequence of the deal concluded between the militants and the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDC) in Raqqa.
This was confirmed by a Turkish official who asked to remain anonymous. In an interview with The Times, he said that the number of terrorists trying to cross the Turkish border had
sharply risen.
Let us remind that earlier BBC published a report detailing the terms of the agreement between the SDF and ISIS terrorists. The Pentagon, in its turn, said that the U.S. consciously supported the deal allegedly to minimize casualties among civilians.

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