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Terrorist Groups Join FSA to Prevent Syrian Army Advance

Over the past several days the five militant groups of Lawa Shohada al-Qouta, Lawa al-Shahid Omar Heidar, Katibeh Fastat al-Moslemin, Katibeh Shohada Bokheh and Katibeh Ayesheh Um al-Momenin have dissolved in Eastern Qalamon and joined Jeish Tahrir al-Sham which is affiliated to the Free Syrian Army to prevent the Syrian Army’s advance in Damascus.

It is known that, despite constant fighting, the government forces manage to keep the situation under control and carry out humanitarian actions for civilians in East Ghouta.

It is also worth noting that on Monday the government forces ousted terrorists from their positions in the south-west of the province and now control the main ways of supplying militants.

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