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US continue to aggravate relations with Turkey?

According to Inside Syria Media Center military correspondents linked to SDF-YPG, a new large shipment of the U.S. weapons and ammunition has reached Kurdish militia units (YPG) in the town of Maalikiya in the countryside of Hasakah. the trucks were accompanied by armored vehicles belonging to Kurdish protection militias.

Huge arms shipments arriving through various ports in the region ended up on Iraqi soil. This batch of weapons entered from the crossing Simalka coming from the territory of Iraq was no exception. It consisted of several trucks carrying four-wheel drive vehicles, and another closed trucks which content was unknown.

To be mentioned is that the U.S. Secretary of Defense, Jim Matisse stated earlier this month that the White House is planning to terminate arming Kurdish YPG focusing on the fulfillment of the promises made by the U.S. President to his Turkish counterpart. In turn, the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in a speech to the parliamentary bloc of the Justice and Development Party in Ankara hoped that the U.S. President Donald Trump would keep his promises to stop supporting YPG militia in northern Syria with weapons. We regret very much that this will not prove to be possible in future.

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