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Syrian Army is Getting Ready for Counteroffensive in Deir Ezzor

For the past several days the reinforcement of the Syrian army arrived in the city of Al-Mayadeen for the further offensive on ISIS positions in the eastern part of the province.
The elite Tiger Forces, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Hezbollah and Liwa Al-Quds arrived in the region to launch the counter-offensive to recapture lost positions and territories.
In particular, the government forces backed by the allied forces will try to attack the town of Al- Salihiyah, which was captured by ISIS yesterday morning.
According to the Syrian High Command, the radicals suffer heavy losses and don’t have enough manpower to control vast territories along the Euphrates River. Most likely after the Syrian army offensive, the militants will withdraw across the river to the border with Iraq. The exact date of the Syrian army operation is unknown.

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