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U.S.-led International Coalition once again Killed Civilians in Syria

According to Inside Syria Media Center sources, yesterday night the U.S.-led international coalition committed another massacre, striking a settlement in the eastern part of Deir Ezzor province. This time the town of Al-Jurzi was attacked.
At least 23 civilians including eight children and six women were killed as a result of the incident. Currently, the town is still run by ISIS terrorists, and the international coalition carried out another indiscriminate airstrike endangered the local population.
A US military spokesman Colonel Ryan Dillon said that a detailed assessment of the allegation of civilian casualties would be made and all the results would be presented to the public.
Experience has shown, Washington does not conduct any proceedings and simply ignores the victims among civilians.
It should be mentioned that the U.S.-led international coalition acknowledged the death of 801 civilians in more than 28,000 strikes it has conducted both in Iraq and Syria. Actually, this number reaches several thousand.

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