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Syrian Army starts using armed drones to Attack Terrorists

According to AMN News, the Syrian Arab Army has begun deploying armed drones to attack the positions and gatherings of Islamist militants besieged in the eastern suburbs of Damascus city.

Both pro-government and opposition sources confirm that the Syrian Army now uses armed drones to attack militant forces in eastern Damascus.

The Syrian Army reportedly uses its new arsenal of armed drones to target Islamist positions and gathering points in the rebel-held suburbs of Jobar and Ayn Tarma.

Whilst the exact type and model of the drone used by the Syrian Army has not been stated over military information channels, it is apparently the case that it can utilize small guided bombs and missiles.

On Thursday, opposition sources reported that the Syrian Army conducted five drone strikes against positions of the Free Syrian Army-linked Faylaq al-Rahman rebel group in east Damascus.

Armed drones offer new capabilities for the Syrian Army, allowing it to attack militants with very little warning (unlike a warplane which at subsonic attack speeds can be heard coming) and virtually no risk to the lives of Syrian service personnel.

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