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Syrian Army Attacks Strategic Height near Golan Heights

Today the Syrian army units backed by the allied forces initiated new attack on the important height of Tal Marwan in the Beit Jinn pocket, located west of Damascus.

According to Inside Syria Media Center’ military sources, led by their elite 42nd Brigade of the 4th Mechanized Division and supported by airstrikes and heavy artillery shelling, the government forces stormed the eastern and northern sides of Tal Marwan, where they were reportedly confronted by a large jihadist force.

For the past few weeks, the Syrian troops has repeatedly attacked this strategic hilltop near the occupied Golan Heights; however, they have been unable to seize the entire site, despite superior manpower and firepower.

First, the SAA has encircled the village of Mughr al Meer at the foothills of Mount Hermon as troops moved towards the bastion of Beit Jin amid intense clashes, in a major operation against militants.

Some Western intelligence sources claim Lebanon’s Hezbollah group, were playing a major role in the offensive.

Again Israel stated it has been worried about the growing Iranian influence in Syria after the defeat of ISIS. Earlier this month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel will not allow Iran to “entrench itself militarily in Syria.”

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