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Syrian Army Initiates new Attack on Jihadists in Idlib

The Syrian army units backed by the allied forces have initiated new assault on militant’s positions and fortifications in the area of Abu Duhur military airbase in Idlib province.
Earlier this morning the government forces started an offensive on the southwestern outskirts of Aleppo province from the area of Khanasser.
Whilst the specific army units involved in the offensive on this new front have not been revealed, preliminary reports hint that at least one battle group of the elite Tiger Forces Division is tasked leading the assault.
Clarification of the presence of even just one Tiger Forces unit would confirm that the current activities being witnessed around Khanasser are part of a major offensive operation in southwest Aleppo.
At the same time, the Syrian and Russian jets are carrying out a series if airstrikes over militant positions in southwest Aleppo to get ready the way for the ground forces.

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