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Why does U.S.-led Coalition Set up New Border Security Forces in Syria?

According to Reuters, the U.S.-led Coalition intends to set up a new armed group for fighting against ISIS terrorists and border security in Syria. It was also added that the troops would be deployed along the internal border with Turkey and Iraq, and along the Euphrates River Valley, which broadly acts as the dividing line separating the U.S.-backed SDF and Syrian government forces.

As is already known, the new Border Security Forces (BSF) will be composed of 30,000 military personnel from Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The Defense Post reported that there were approximately 230 individuals training in the BSF’s inaugural class.

It should be mentioned that the U.S. actions have been classified as an open aggression by many countries. First of all, such steps of the Coalition were strongly criticized by the Syrian government. The Foreign Ministry says that the U.S. decisions came within the framework of its destructive policies which aim at fragmenting the region, fueling tensions and conflicts and hindering solutions to its crises as it clearly shows its hostility towards the Arab Nation.

Such kind of cooperation between Washington and Kurds has put enormous strain on ties with its NATO ally Turkey.

Particularly, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag claimed that the U.S. support to PYD/YPG wasn’t compatible with the strategic partnership. “Turkey will not hesitate to take necessary measures … to protect the security of the country and region against this provocative attempt that threatens the safety of our country and the region,” Bozdag added.

Erdogan’s Spokesman Ibrahim Kalin also said that Washington intended to strengthen the positions of PYD/YPG. The politician also warned that his respective country would “continue its fight against any terrorist organization regardless of its name and shape within and outside its borders.”

Analysts estimate that such steps don’t indicate any intention to counter terrorists in Syria but Washington’s intention to gain its positions in the region and delay the process of stabilizing the situation in the country.

In addition, according to some experts, under the pretext of fighting ISIS, the U.S.-backed forces traditionally plan to prevent the Syrian Army from establishing control over oil-rich territories.

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