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Syrian Army recaptured another town from ISIS in northeast Hama

The Syrian Arab Army and backed by the allied forces have imposed control over another town from ISIS in northeast part of Hama province amid what appears to be a renewed offensive push to liquidate the terrorist group’s presence throughout the region.

Tday, it was also reported that Syrian tpoos had taken control over the town of Rasm ad-Dahl in the northeastern countryside of Hama province after a day-long battle with ISIS.

The capture of Rasm ad-Dahl by Syrian pro-government forces follows an earlier assault which saw them seize the hills overlooking the town and which ultimately pushed Islamic State fighter to withdraw from it to avoid high losses in what would have been a forlorn engagement.

Syrian Army and allied paramilitary units involved in today’s operation are all from first-line formations, having been identified as coming from the Republic Guard, Qalamoun Shield Forces and Military Intelligence Shield Force. Some of the Republic Guard troops are very recent arrivals to the northeast Hama front.

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