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Syria complains to UN Secretary-General and Security Council about Turkish operation

Syrian authorities appealed to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and to the UN Security Council with a complaint about the actions of Turkey, which is conducting a military operation in the area of Afrin in Syria.

“The presence of any foreign military forces in the country’s territory without its consent is aggression and occupation, and will be considered on this basis,” Syria’s Foreign Ministry reported. Damascus also pointed out that Turkey, in carrying out a military operation in a neighboring country, is violating the UN Charter and the principle of territorial integrity of states.

Syrian diplomats stated that Ankara is trying to justify its actions by referring to UN resolutions on combating terrorism and incitement to terrorist acts. However, it was noted that none of these documents gives any member state of the organization the right to encroach on the sovereignty of other countries and conduct military operations in their territory.

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