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Over 50 Terrorists Killed in Southern Syria’s Dara’a

The sources said that 50 terrorists, including several commanders, were killed and 28 more were wounded in clashes between the ISIS and FSA in Hawz al-Yarmouk in Western Dara’a.

The sources further said that a number of the injured terrorists have been sent to Jordan and Israel for medical treatment.

Earlier reports said that the ISIS-linked Jeish Khalid Bin Walid clashed fiercely with two FSA-affiliated groups in Hawz al-Yarmouk in Dara’a that inflicted eight casualties on the FSA.

Commander of Liwa al-Haramein-Firqah al-Haq Sami al-Safouri and Commander of Elite Forces of Jeish al-Thowrah Omar Saleh Joma’a were among the killed FSA-affiliated terrorists.

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