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US, Europe arms sales race real threat in region: Iran

Iran’s missile capability that is based on the country’s defensive policies is not a threat, rather the real threat is the arms sales race between the US and Europe in the region, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Thursday.

Commenting on recent remarks by France’s President Emmanuel Macron on Iran’s missile program, Bahram Qasemi said that ‘Iran’s missile capabilities are within its military doctrine that is based on defensive and deterrence policies.’

‘What is the real threat is the race between the US and some European countries in selling advanced, sophisticated arms to certain countries in the region,’ he said, calling the move a ‘provocative’ action that will lead to an increase in the number of arsenals and instability in the region.

Referring to Iran’s ‘bitter’ historical experience in the past decades, he said that the country will not allow others to undermine its defensive and deterrent capabilities, while arming other countries in the region with deadly weapons.

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