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Turkey Ignores the Security Council Resolution

ICRS spokeswoman Iolanda Jaquemet says humanitarian supplies have been delivered to Afrin controlled by the Kurdish YPG militia for the first time since the Turkish military operation began.
The 29-truck convoy was carrying 430 tonnes of food, blankets, mattresses, winter clothes and hygiene kits. The humanitarian convoy, however, was not a reason enough for the Turkish artillery to stop shelling.
Amid continuous fire in Afrin, the Syrian Democratic Force (SDF) called on the UN to stop the Turkish invasion and demand Ankara to abide by the UN Security Council Resolution that includes Afrin in its 30-days ceasefire.
The Resolution mentioned was unanimously adopted on February 24, 2018. France, Germany and the U.S. highlighted the Resolution applies to Afrin as well since it is a part of Syria.

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