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The possible developments of SAA’s advance in Eastern Ghouta

The latest developments on Ghouta’s battlefield prove that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) will never stop until liberated the countryside of Damascus. The SAA has already captured the village of Al-Rihan with its farms east of Douma as well as the village of Beit Naem. The Tiger brigadier general Sohail Al Hasan has granted medals to the Field commander responsible for the latest advances on the Ground in Ghouta‘s battlefield.
Now SAA’s tanks are hunting the fleeing terrorists while they’re retreating to Dhuma. The main terrorists’ defense lines are also collapsing in the southern Ghouta front. Two pockets will soon be formed, one around the Douma, the other around Jawbar, Zamalka, Ayn Tarma, and Irbin. It looks like every village will become a pocket itself.
The proposals have been made by the activists on the ground that the terrorists would be sent to Idlib or Daraa provinces. Some Syrian experts say Turkey and USA are planning to stop supporting the jihadists and radicals of the Eastern Ghouta as they don’t want to cooperate with them. The powers consider the terrorists there buried. The decision of taking out HTS, Ahrar al-Sham and others is done behind the backs of the terrorists. Their actions cast a dark shadow over United Nations Security Council Resolution 2401 signed by the US too.
So the days of Ghouta’s terrorists are numbered.

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