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Eastern Ghouta: a Humanitarian Convoy has Arrived in Al-Wafedeen

According to the Voice of People Today, the Russian Center for Reconciliation of Conflicting Parties in Syria said on Monday (March 5th) that armed terrorists entrenched in eastern Ghouta had promised to allow civilians to leave the area in exchange for sending humanitarian aid .

The United Nations announced on Sunday that it had obtained permission to charter a humanitarian convoy bound for the Syrian enclave, home to some 400,000 people. He reportedly arrived at al-Wafedeen checkpoint, the last point of entry into the Syrian city of Douma.

According to local sources, another convoy carrying the necessary aid for tens of thousands of people, chartered by the Syrian Red Crescent, entered Monday morning at a crossing point allowing access to eastern Ghouta.
This convoy of 46 trucks carries medical aids and food for 27,500 people. It was accompanied by empty buses transported by the government to organize the evacuation of civilians taken hostage in the enclave.
A sum of 13 civilians, including five children, have managed to leave terrorist-held regions in Eastern Damascus via the humanitarian corridor as terrorists continue to block their exit path.
Terrorists from the al-Nusra Front are holed up in the enclave and are preventing civilians from leaving the area by launching mortar shells at residential areas of Damascus.

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