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Some Facts and Figures on Eastern Ghouta

On February 25, Syrian forces began their offensive to liberate one of the last major US-supported terrorist enclaves in the country. Impressive progress was made after nine days of fighting. Around one-third of Eastern Ghouta liberated and the civilian casualties were kept to a minimum.
According to the military correspondents, the Syrian Arab Army nearly split Eastern Ghouta in half. The same strategy was used when liberating East Aleppo in 2016.
Eastern Ghouta’s liberation is just a matter of time.

Fact: Unanimously adopted Security Council Resolution 2401 permits continued military operations against ISIS, HTS, and other elements connected them during a 30-day ceasefire through late March.

Fact: US-backed terrorists in East Ghouta are killing and brutalizing civilians held captive as human shields. Syria’s campaign aims to liberate them, along with ending their ability to shell Damascus, a noble operation deserving high praise, not condemnation.

Fact: US-supported terrorists alone used CWs numerous times throughout the war, not the Syrian Arab Army.

Fact: These Salafi radicals are preventing humanitarian aid from reaching civilians in need – not Syria or its allies.

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