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First Comments on the Negotiations Between the Radicals and SAA in Eastern Ghouta

The Salafi radicals are trying to stop the siege of Eastern Ghouta by creating separate negotiations with Syrian Government.
Inside Syria Media Center have gathered first comments on the breaking piece of news covered the latest developments in Eastern Ghouta.
The spelling and grammar are preserved in the statements of some activists, experts, and analysts.

No 1. “What’s that sound I hear? Oh, it’s a horde of green buses coming. They’re getting closer.”

No 2. “From what I’m seeing, they are fighting secessionists/terrorists of East Ghouta now. They fought secessionists/terrorists of Idlib before and they will most likely fight some more in the future. Yellow secessionists at least are more civilized than the green ones and I hope they will be dealt with peacefully.”

No 3. “The facts are: SAA is winning this war. They win every single battle. I don’t care who the majority of the fighters are as long as they kill the terrorists. As for the Idlib offensive, they achieved what they wanted – the airbase and quicker supply line to Aleppo. There will be time for Idlib itself, Ghouta is tactically and morally more important right now. And if you’re like the bunch of guys here thinking Turkey is the master of the universe, you will probably get really disappointed when Russia tells them to stop and they stop.”

No 4. “We reached the most interesting point of the war. When he will take Ghouta we’ll see how he will deal with USA and Turkey. Because you have still 40% of the country who is not under government control anymore. Who allowed Turkey to take Afrin / Idlib / Jarablus? It is sad to see a government crying and saying Turkish offensive is an aggression. Turkey is not master of the universe but master of the land they control. You’ll never take it back without their agreement. So begin to prostitute yourself. And of course, I’m not talking about your YPG friends that invited the USA to establish bases in the country.”

No 5. “poor i d i o t its already not the same rhetoric from 2014, did you compare both scenarios and then you talked about?.
But the most important is The Syrian state-nation have not disappeared as the Turks and yanks wanted. the future war will be against the yellow terrorists after all pocket will be cleared and on the other side, we will see if the Turks could complete their objective including the reconquest of  Manbij. More than two months and the ES in Afrin advances soo slow…. is that a power from a conventional army?”

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