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French Weapons Against Syrians

Field sources say the Syrian army discovered a large arms depot including French-made weapons in a mopping-up operation in Eastern Ghouta on Monday. Apart from it, the government forces have come across a workshop by the town of Aftaris operated by terrorists to manufacture chemical weapons.
France is well-known for its energetic engagement in the U.S.-led international coalition. In 2014 and 2015 the then-president Holland confirmed Paris had delivered lethal weapons to Syrian militants as far back as in 2012 despite a European arms embargo on Syria imposed in 2011.
The now-president is also a vocal opponent of the functioning government of Syria. Macron promises to launch targeted strikes against the Syrian Army if it uses chemical weapons. The blame for any possible chemical strike would fatally be laid upon the government troops if the workshop had not been discovered. It would further give France a free hand to attack Syria. However, taking into account the former French arms deliveries to the rebels one cannot be undoubtedly sure that the chemical workshop by Aftaris was not supported by Paris in order to bring President al-Assad down. Suspicions like that cast a cloud on French participation in the international coalition and the coalition itself in general.

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