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Terrorists are to leave Harasta for Idlib

According to Inside Syria Media Center military correspondents, the first group of terrorists from Ahrar Al-Sham are expected to leave the region of Eastern Ghouta as soon as today.
A deal was closed with Ahrar Al-Sham radicals that would be taken Harasta, East Ghouta to Idlib province.
Despite the agreement, militants from Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham and Jaysh Al-Islam together attempted to obstruct the deal by launching a big attack against the Syrian Arab Army in Harasta.
Nevertheless the government troops did not cancel their arrangements, as Ahrar Al-Sham assured Damascus of their noninvolvement to the militant counter-offensive.
Ahrar Al-Sham forms as many as 90 percent of the Harasta militants. If they leave, the Syrian Army will take over the control of the area.

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