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Syrian Army Seizes Dozens of Suicide Bombers in Eastern Ghouta

The Syrian Army forces have seized a total number of 36 suicide bombers at different humanitarian corridors in the Eastern Ghouta enclave since civilian evacuations began.

A military source told the Media center they had detained 30 men and six women carrying explosive belts planning to target the buses and shelters of the militants and their families in false flag operations to blame the government for the attacks.

Suicide bombings are reported to have been prevented on buses carrying refugees from Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta. In total 48 explosive belts were defused.

Syrian and Russian soldiers neutralized  seven explosive belts on Monday, 32 — on Tuesday, and nine on Wednesday.

Since February 28. when humanitarian pauses were introduced over 11,000 militants and 130,000 civilians have left Eastern Ghouta.

Source: Farsnews

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