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1,500 Civilians from Hasakah Joined Syrian Army

For the past several days, a huge group of Syrians from Hasakah province, mostly native to the cities of Hasakah and Qamishli joined the Syrian Army after reconciling with the official government.

The number of civilians that joined the government forces reached 1,500.

It is also reported that, many of these people were either past draft dodgers or ex-soldiers who had abandoned ranks earlier in the Syrian crisis, only now to willingly return to the Syrian army.

There is a statement to be said in all of this; and that is that these new recruits, living well within areas under the control of US-backed forces, who had the choice of not reconciling with government, still chose to do so even if it meant returning to service.

The event comes amid growing disillusionment among Syrians living in the country’s northern and northeastern regions with US-backed forces.

In particular, forced recruitment of civilians and heavy taxation by US-backed has led to a number of backlash incidents, including uprisings by Euphrates tribal groups and a small insurgency government loyalists.

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