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Jaafari: Syrian Government hasn’t received official info on US troops’ withdrawal

Last week, US President Donald Trump announced that the United States would leave Syria “very soon” and let other countries “take care of it,” however, the US Defense Department did not confirm these withdrawal plans.

Syria’s Envoy to UN Bashar Jaafari stated that Damascus had not recieved any official information on Trump’s plans to pull out US forces from the country.

The US-led coalition is fighting ISIS terrorist group in Syria without mandate from the UN or permission of the Syrian government. According to some estimates, some 2,000 American servicemen are currently deployed in the country.

Last week, Donald Trump revealed that the US would soon withdraw from Syria, however, there was no confirmation from the president’s administration or the Pentagon. On Tuesday, Trump reiterated his stance, adding that these plans will be discussed with coalitions’ allies and countries of the region.

Source: AMN News

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