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Syrian Army Advances Towards Qalamoun

The Syrian Arab Army’s elite Tiger Forces are leading the charge to capture the strategic eastern Qalamoun region, following a short deployment to southern Damascus.

It is also reported that, the Tiger Forces initiated the surprise attack on Jaysh Thuwar Al-Sham’s positions and fortifications around the Batra Mountain last night.

After the attack on the Batra Mountain, the Tiger Forces stormed the eastern axis of the Ruhabah area, where they were able to enter the town of Kharnubah and nearby quarries.

Intense clashes are currently ongoing at these sites in the eastern Qalamoun region, with the Syrian Army units steadily advancing through the rebel defenses.

The Syrian Army is attempting to split the rebel pocket in the eastern Qalamoun, which is quite similar to their battle plans in Eastern Ghouta, Al-Zabadani, and Daraa.

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