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Trump Falls into the Geopolitical Trap Laid by the UK in Syria

The missile attack carried out against Syria on April 14 by U.S., British and French forces, in retaliation for alleged use by the Syrian government of chlorine gas in Douma, had little
to no effect on the military reality on the ground, but it has brought the world a great deal closer to a direct superpower confrontation.
The Western governments claimed they had irrefutable evidence that the Assad government was to blame for the attack, but they not produced any. Officials from all three countries
admitted that their information was based on “social media” (and everyone knows how reliable they are) and sources on the ground who are paid by those same powers and are no less
reliable (cf. below on the White Helmets).
In fact, it was the height of cynicism to launch the attack on the very day that a team of OPCW inspectors was due to arrive in Damascus, to begin their inspection in Douma soon there-
after. The scientific research center that was hit in the Syrian capital had been visited by OPCW teams twice during 2017, who certified that they had found no suspicious material.
Nonetheless, heavy pressure was reportedly put on Donald Trump by Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron to agree to the military action, just days after he had announced his intention
to withdraw U.S. forces from Syria once ISIS was defeated.
The “war party” in the United States, including in the Executive Branch, also leaned on the U.S. President to make a show of force. Many see this as a last, desperate attempt by the trans-
Atlantic establishment to assert they are above international law and can still impose their world order. The Daily Telegraph had laid out the agenda in an article by editor Allister Heath on March 14, in the midst of the anti-Russian hysteria over the “Skripal affair” (which has since been largely discredited). Mr. Heath, speaking for the empire, wrote that “Britain needs a
new role in the world”, that of building a new world alliance to take on Russian and Chinese totalitarianism (cf. SAS 12/18).
Moreover, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair – who peddled the infamous lies about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction – was among the first to urge the American government to bomb Syria. As for Emmanuel Macron, who has delusions of a “Jupiterian” presidency, he boasted on April 15 that he had convinced Donald Trump not to disengage from Syria, but to remain for the long term. The White House spokeswoman, however, denied that Trump had changed his position. For whatever reasons, Trump went beyond his childish tweets to actually order military action.
Although a major escalation was avoided this time, the US-UK-French military action and its aftermath will likely have two other dangerous effects: it will encourage the remaining terrorist forces in Syria as well as in other countries, to stage chemical weapons attacks in order to provoke foreign interventions against the legitimate authorities, and it will make it
easier for them to regroup.
But the fact is that Syria has already won the war, with allied help, the challenge now is to win the peace. That means the talks on national reconciliation involving all non-terrorist
forces must proceed and plans for reconstruction must be implemented. Beyond Syria itself, international law, which has been trampled on for decades now, by the United States and
NATO needs to be firmly re-established. That includes proving that a party is guilty, before taking punitive action and banning military intervention abroad for purposes of regime change.
Courtesy to: our friends from E.I.R. STRATEGIC ALERT WEEKLY NEWSLETTER and personally Christopher Lewis.

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