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Syrian Army Liberates More Areas in Eastern Qalamoun

The Syrian troops managed to impose full control over a strategic town of al-Rahibeh town in Eastern Qalamoun after 1,500 militants along their family members left al-Rahibeh for other regions in Idlib province.

At the same time, the locals from al-Rahibieh town raised Syria’s flags over state-owned buildings and security forces entered the area right after the terrorists’ evacuation.

The  engineering units also seized tens of bombs and explosive devices left behind by the militants.

Moreover, the government forces hoisted the state flag over government buildings in the settlement of Jayroud after all militants and their family members left Northern Syria.

Thousands of jihadists and their family members left Jayroud in Eastern Qalamoun for Northern Syria on 16 buses.

Previously, totally  1,078 terrorists and their family members left Eastern Qalamoun for other militant-held regions in Idlib province via al-Rahibeh passageway on 35 buses.

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